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John Kaner

Kaner is a highly skilled and experienced musician, composer, recording engineer, producer, and arranger. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Scoring & Performance from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and has studied at the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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My Story

With a passion for film scoring and orchestration, Kaner has recently been working on a variety of exciting projects from his own studio, where he records, produces, and arranges for a diverse range of clients. His extensive experience includes providing orchestral arrangements for a foreign film, co-composing and arranging four new songs for Culture Club, providing additional music orchestration for songs and score for the children's show "Pinka," contributing orchestral and songwriting work to the film "Cruella," and providing recording engineering, additional music, orchestration, and arrangements for the film "We are gathered here today."


Kaner has also composed and arranged additional music for original songs for female and young singers, providing orchestral arrangements and recording engineering. Additionally, he has provided additional music, arrangements, and orchestration for the VR driving game "Boulder Dash," and composed, orchestrated, and arranged all episodes of the TV shows "Selling Super Prime," "Haibu," and "Pinkapotamus."


Kaner's diverse range of skills and experiences make him a versatile and talented musician with a proven track record in recording, producing, and arranging for a variety of clients. He is dedicated to creating high-quality music that captures the essence of every project he works on, and is committed to helping his clients achieve their artistic goals through his expertise and creativity.

Recently, Kaner has delved into the realm of pop music, producing and crafting tracks that resonate with contemporary audiences. He collaborates closely with other artists, seeking to produce music for and feature talented vocalists in his songs. His work now extends beyond traditional scoring, as he pioneers in creating compelling pop melodies and rich arrangements that appeal to a wide audience.


Kaner's evolution into the pop music scene is marked by his commitment to excellence and creativity. He continues to offer high-quality music production, blending his extensive experience in orchestration with the fresh, dynamic energy of pop music. His goal remains to capture the essence of each project, helping clients achieve their artistic visions with his expansive musical expertise.


Always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

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